I have a confession……I used to suck at mornings! The whole getting two people ready by 7 am just wasn’t my thing.

It’s hard enough being a parent, much less being a single parent, and then arguing with a toddler, then a tween, trying to fight over the bathroom mirror and argue about clothes. It was rough! By the teen years though, we finally have a system. Phoenix avoids me til I have had my coffee……no, just kidding! Those were the old days.

Gone are the days of yelling in the morning. We may not always be the most organized people, but our mornings are very organized. In fact, they have to be. We have the same before bed and right out of bed routine. We now both have the same amount of time to get ready, but now we do it in shifts. 

First things first, outfits should be picked out the night before. No excuses! Socks, underwear, shoes and everything. No more 7am “Mom, I can’t find any socks”.  Everything is found the night before.

Second, any items for the bookbag, briefcase and purse should be in there the night before. This saves all kinds of time with forgetting something, or misplacing anything. It has truly been a lifesaver.

Third, we are on different schedules. We wake up at the same time, but now I make coffee, eat breakfast and finish packing lunches, while Phoenix gets dressed and does her hair and make up. When she comes down for breakfast, I go upstairs to start getting ready and doing my hair and makeup.

Fourth, know what lunches will be the night before and get them grab and go ready. This simple step has cut 30 minutes out of my morning routine. Sandwiches are made, I just put the condiment on and put it in the lunch box. Veggies are pre-cut and bagged the night before, snacks are pre-made, drinks are bottled up the night before. It now takes about 5 minutes to get both of our lunches packed.

Fifth, now that there is 100% less stress in the morning, always make sure to hug them, tell them you love them and to have a good day before going separate ways. I think it really sets a good tone for the day, even when they are teens and mumble something back that might be “I love you”, might be “get away from me”, you just never know.

Try implementing one of these strategies a week and let me know how it’s working for you. It has truly saved many tears in our house.




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