One thing I have learned over the years of raising a child by myself, is wow are they expensive!  In efforts to supply some fun and fund extra curricular activities, I have always found a way to make some extra cash in my spare time.

My newest favorite way is thru Uber.  What I love about it, is that it is completely and utterly flexible with my hectic schedule.  It can be done literally just about whenever you feel like it.  There is no schedule to stick to, specific days that must be worked and no set amount of hours to fulfill.  In fact, I believe in order to remain an active driver, only one ride per month has to be completed.

This has been a dream come true for me.  I do a few hours that are convenient for me during the week and I normally make a few hundred extra dollars.  If you are stressed about holidays, birthdays, making ends meet or anything else, I highly suggest this due to its complete flexibility.

Another thing I love about Uber, is that when you use a referral code, you earn FREE money after you complete 20 rides.  20 rides can definitely be completed over the course of a weekend.  Depending on what city you are in, referral earnings are anywhere from $50 – $150.  Free money to be already be driving on top of the money being made from giving rides.  If you are interested, I have my referral code below so you can earn yourself free money.

I have been doing Uber about two months now and have had nothing but a great experience.  The app is very user friendly, the people I have driven to their destinations have been very nice, there has been great conversation and laughs along the way and I am happy to get riders where they need to go safely.

Once I completed the application process, I was on the road three days later.  It was so simple.  If you are a night owl, rates are always higher which means more money in your pocket.  Personally, I only drive during the day and early evening and have been very happy with my earnings so far.  It is by far the most flexible way I have ever made extra money.

Sign up to drive at and use my referral code DAWNC6546UE for your FREE money!  Try it out and let me know if you like it as much as I do.




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