Hey Everyone! Just a single mom and her daughter, trying to get thru life, have a little fun, A LOT of laughs and try not to kill each other along the way.

About Dawn: A.K.A Mr. Mom. I’m the boss most days or at least I hope I am. Breadwinner, living organ donor, coffee junkie, part-time  Uber driver, part-time Poshmark seller, full-time buyer by day. Teenage boy repellent, strictest parent in the school and the academy award for best sarcasm and most real personality goes to …(drum roll please)………….. that’s right… Me.

About Phoenix: Teenager- half awesome, half I don’t know this person. Incredible at all things hair, makeup and fashion related. Fabulous at mixing up homemade skin and hair care concoctions because they are chemical free and surprisingly work. Amazing violinist, future Trans-Siberian  orchestra member (they just don’t know it yet), honor roll student, humanitarian and philanthropist. Contributes to many hilarious moments in the house and is the better dancer of our duo.

Together we both agree we should be doing a stand-up comedy act because we crack each other up.